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Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

I think FORTUNE is one of the oldest and well known restaurants in Angeles City that serves good food. And when I say good food, I really mean something that is of high quality, in terms of taste, freshness and service in general. This is evidenced by their high turn over rate.

My Father’s NOT so favorite Restaurant is Fortune. In fact we eat here 2-3 times a month. Whenever we have visitors we bring them here and when there’s an occasion we celebrate it here. He buys food here and bring it to family gatherings. Hindi man nya paborito ang restaurant nato! Minsan kami na nagmamakaawa na wag kumain dito. But since we’re a regular customer we get discounts =)

One time it was he’s birthday then I asked him ” Pa where are we celebrating?” then he said “FORTUNE” parang galing lang tayo dun the other day and last week and nung birthday ni mama. Jollibee na lang tayo! “Bahala kayo, dun ako sa Fortune kumain kayo sa Jollibee” XD

In all fairness naman Fortune offers great food and service!

Fortune is located along MacArthurHi-way (Diamond Subdivision) Abgeles City. It is basically a Chinese Restaurant what I don’t understand is that they placed Hong Kong in their logo where in fact not a single food tastes like its from Hong Kong. Because the food here tastes great! Fortune is definitely one of the best restaurants in Angeles City. It was establish long time ago, many restaurants already tried to compete with it but only this restaurant manage to last long. If you want to visit this restaurant, your budget should range from 3,000-P5,000 (5 persons)

Swahe: P350
This is our usual appetizer. I forgot to take photo of the whole plate of Swahe, It was gone before I know. So I took a photo of my plate instead. Swahe is a fresh steamed shrimp which tastes sweet and really good. It’s 100% fresh.

Yang Chao P350-500 available in small, medium and large
What is asian cusine without the rice. For me,Fortune’s Yang Chao is the best!

Steamed Lapu-Lapu: P500-700 (depends how much the fish weighs)
This Dish was never forgotten. It’s my father’s not so favorite dish.hehe Well it really tastes good. It’s their best dish. Try it!

Spicy Crab: 500- 700 (Depends on how much it weighs)

Broccoli: P550 It’s crunchy and not over cooked.

Pata Tim: P700 They serve pork too!

My favorite beverage Four Seasons: P150

And you know what just as when I’m about to publish this post my mom called me and said ” GET READY WE’RE GOING TO EAT AT FORTUNE!

Date first posted: May 12, 2010 (Zzy’s Diner) updated September 8 2011.

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