Letting go of my GALL BLADDER

Since January, I have been brought to the hospital thrice due to acute pain on the upper part of my stomach. First, I was diagnosed to be suffering from gastritis. I had to undergo endoscopy and ultrasound before they found out that I have gall stones. My doctor suggested for my gall bladder to be removed but I didn’t want to til the third attack. This time I suffered from pancreatitis because the stone went out and got stucked on the common bile duct. I still didn’t want it removed but 5 doctors told me that it’s time to let it go. Four of them told me that the stone blocking the bile will be removed through ERCP and the gall bladder through laparoscopic surgery. But one of them told me that since I am also suffering from pancreatitis my only option is to undergo an open surgery since ERCP is very risky for me and it might cause more complications.


I am so sad that this has to happen. I still don’t want to go under the knife since I just had a baby through C section. Now I’m really praying for a miracle and hope that my pancreatitis will heal before I go back to the hospital for my operation. I am really afraid to let go of my gall bladder but I have to because I can no longer bear coming back tothe hospital when pain strikes.

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Batanes cheap Tour (ALL-IN) (Airfare, Accommodation &Tours)

Wish I could go back. When I went there all inclusive package costs around PHP 25,000

We Fly Travel and Tours


**Batanes All inclusive package trip
Manila to Basco For as low as PHP 18,888 per person
Travel period: November 24-26, 26-28, December 3-5
At least 3 persons to avail this package

✔ Roundtrip airfare
✔ Manila Terminal fee
✔ Roundtrip airport transfer
✔ 2 nights Hotel Accommodation
✔ Batan North Island Tours
✔ Batan South Island Tours
✔ Full Board Meals (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner)
✔Tour Guide
✔Registration Fees
✔Environmental Fees



Please Fill this up by clicking this link:

Email us at weflyreservations@gmail.com

TEL # (045) 625-8138

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This is cheap because the last time I ask, all in package is P30,000 🙂

We Fly Travel and Tours

FOR AS LOW AS: 22,400

✓MNL✈BSO round trip airfare
✓ 3 Days 2 Nights accommodation
✓ Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
✓Tour Guides
✓ Registration Fees
✓ Entrance Fees
✓Environmental Fees

**Minimum of 3 pax to avail this promo

For Reservations and Inquiries:
PM or Email us at weflyreservations@gmail.com
or Call us at telephone number (045) 625-8138
mobile numbers (0935) 9291521(GLOBE)
(0922)5096685 (SUN) (0920)5401012 (SMART)

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Book and Buy Basis
*Hotel Accommodation is subject to availability

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Puerto Prinsesa Package tour

How I love to go back to Puerto Prinsesa!

We Fly Travel and Tours

Puerto Prinsesa Package tour


MEET & GREET a PRINCESS! Popular for having the location of one the WORLD WONDERS! BOOK NOW!!

Rate per person: PHP 7999
**minimum of 4 person to avail this promo**

1. Roundtrip Airfare MNL-PPS (via PAL)
2. 3 Days 2 Nights Accommodation
3. Daily Breakfast
4. Underground River Tour
5. City Tour
6. Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

**WAIT THERE’S MORE! FREE LUNCH DURING Underground River & Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

Travel Period: June 15-18, 2014

For Reservations:
PM or Email us at weflyreservations@gmail.com
or Call us at telephone number (045)625-8138
mobile numbers (0935)9291521(GLOBE)
(0922)5096685 (SUN) (0920)5401012 (SMART)
and we’d be happy to assist you on your queries!

*Rates are subject to change. Book and Buy Basis
*All packages are subject to availability and price change without prior notice. Specific dates of Travel are needed to check availability.

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Music for Travel

Even before beginning a trip, On the way to the airport, I would always  plug my headset and start listening to music to set my mood and my excitement  for another journey. Here are the list of songs I listen to while on the road, on the plane, when sailing or even while packing:

1. Come Fly with me by Frank Sinatra

-Nothing beats the classic. I love Frank Sinatra and this is perfect when you’re flying.

2. Leaving on a jet plane by Chantal Kreviazuk- I’ve seen a lot of people post this as a status on Facebook. It’s a popular music for travellers.

-I know it’s a sad song but I like to sing leaving on a jet plane before aboard a plane

3. Everyday is a winding road by Sheryl Crow

-great when you hit the road. Ultimate feel good music by Sheryl Crow 🙂

4. Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows ft. Vanessa Carlton-taxi cabs are our best friend when we are in a foreign country. I know this one is not really about travelling but this song makes me feel great when I hit the road on a taxi. 

5. Crusin’ by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis- So love this romantic song about cruising 🙂 

6. Under the sea (Little Mermaid)- This song is playing on my head every time I snorkel or dive 🙂 I love being under the sea and this is a perfect song when you’re swimming.

7. Be our Guest (Beauty and the beast)-I’m a disney fan 🙂 I love this because I love being treated like a princess when I’m travelling. This song fits  because we are special guests when we travel.

8. What a wonderful world– I always get speechless with our world’s beauty and this song come to my mind when I’m on a nature trip.

9. Moonlight over Paris- I haven’t been to Paris but I’ll be singing this when I get there 🙂

10. I’m sailing by Rod Stewart- Another good old music that I love 🙂

11. Country Roads (Take me home, West Virginia) by John Denver- This song brings back child memories. I listen to this in the car whenever we take a road trip to the countryside.

12. Holiday by Greenday– an upbeat music that can cheer you up in an instant

13.Runaway Train by Asylum- Another great old song that you can listen to when travelling.

14. Surfin’ USA by The Beach Boys-This music come to my mind whenever I see big waves and surfers.

15. I’ve never been to me by Charlene Duncan- I know it’s not really about travelling but I just like listening to this when travelling. The lyrics mentions something like this  ” been to Niece and the Isle of Greece while I’ve sipped champagne on a yacht I’ve moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo and showed ’em what I’ve got…xxx I’ve been to paradise…xxx”

What’s on your playlist? Let me know cause I need more music for longer travelling hours on my next trip 🙂

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Our Pinoy Paisanos: 16 Ways You Can Help The Philippines

Thank you so much!

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts


Anyone who has ever worked on ships has, without a doubt, worked with dozens of Filipinos. They are our co-workers, our friends and our family.

Over the weekend our ship life paisanos were faced the devastating destruction of their home. One of the strongest storms in recorded history, Typhoon Haiyan, killed an estimated 10,000 people. To put that number into perspective combine the casualties from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and 9/11… and double it.

Between managers, A/V crew and random friendly faces in the staff bar, I have a long list of Filipinos who hold a special place in my heart. So as I watched the death toll climb as Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the islands, I held my breath and prayed for my friends.


I have sent messages to some and not heard back from any. So what can I do to help while I wait to hear from…

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Travel photos Quiz Answers- 4 pics 1 word (Level 1)

Just got back from a world tour. I’ve been all over the world through this game. It took me 9 months to go around the world and find out the answers in this game (Just kidding) . I enjoyed playing this game. I started playing this game in April 2013. I stopped when I got busy but finally I was able to answer challenges in all 3 levels. Here are the answers to World Tour 1, World Tour 2 and 3 will be uploaded in separate posts

World Tour 1

**To go directly to World Tour 2 and World tour 3 just click the links.

1. Paris 2. London 3. New York 4. India 5. Egypt 6. Japan 7. Berlin 8. Sydney 9. Moscow 10. Beijing 11. Istanbul 12. Rome 13. Chicago 14. Myanmar 15. Cambodia 16. Cape Town

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20.13 Base fare for 2013 from Cebu Pacific


Cebu Pacific is giving out another cheap fares. Selling Period is only until January 1 hence you need to hurry! 🙂

you may book your tickets here

If you’re able to catch this seat sale (roundtrip) your ticket will only cost about P 1157

Did you miss this seat Sale? Follow and Subscribe to this blog or Like our page on Facebook and be the first to get notifications on the latest seat sale.

Happy booking!!! 🙂


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