Enchanted Coron

I don’t why, but we seemed to have become an impulsive traveler lately. First we went to Batanes last April,without really planning about it. Then a month after, we landed here in Coron Palawan even if I’m not paying for this trip, I am running out of air in booking this trip. We have spent around P7,000+++ per person for airfare alone. For the past months I have ignored peso seats and all the popular seat sales. It might have cost us only 3k or 2k if we booked early. Other than that we spent around 8,000+++ per night at Coron Gateway. All-in Packages cost around 25,000 per person! For crying out loud! That is so expensive and I don’t want my mother to be spending this much for us. This is a consequence of booking only a week before your trip.


Coron Palawan **When I saw this, I got freakin excited! You know I’m a fan of beaches, islands and nature 🙂 When we got there Our service picked us up and I had a little chat with one of the tour guides. His approached was “Blogger ka?” “Medyo. Paano mo nalaman?” (deep within me, I was guessing maybe he read my blog before and he recognized me) “Mukha lang” weng weng weneeeeeeeeeeeg! I could hear vice ganda in my head saying “Eksahiradang frog to!” I was wearing my spectacles that time that’s why I think he assumed. Then there goes vice ganda in my head again. Sino ba naman kasi nagbabasa ng blog na to kundi nanay at kapatid mo lang. Asa ka naman! 

Before Vice ganda gets in your head too, Let’s move on and talk about my trip. I forgot how expensive this trip has become when I saw the sunset. You know how much I love it.

Sunset in Coron

This photo was taken in a restaurant near Coron Gateway. I never knew that swamps could actually make sunsets more beautiful 🙂 That night we had a little stroll ate dinner on little restaurants in the streets and call the night early because people in Coron sleeps early.

Goto mata at utak.. Hmmnnnn sounds interesting



-Read Read muna habang nag waiting galore sa mamang Bangkero na matagal. I was reading Fallen by Lauren Kate by the way 🙂

Boat Ride

Day Tour in Coron with the kids…Who would have thought? I’m the eldest Ahem!


On our first stop we went to see a shipwreck. The water in this part is so deep. I wanted to remove my life saver and swim below like Ariel. But my mom wouldn’t let me 😦

Pristine waters of Coron

This is another stop. Forgive me for not remembering the name. The black part you see are corals and the turquoise color is the sand. I swam with so may fish and I saw sea urchins.Yum!

This is where we stop by to have lunch. It was midday but I have seen so much of Coron. You know that feeling that you’ve seen so much but you still can’t get enough  because you know there’s gonna be much more.

How could this place be so beautiful? Sometimes I think God plays favoritism. How come there is so many beautiful things and places in just one province. I haven’t been to ElNido but I have seen enough to be convinced that Palawan is awesome! I’m so jealousof the people who live here. But I’m just glad that Palawan is part of the Philippines.


I enjoyed my vacation here. This is prolly one of the best summers I had in my life 🙂


This boat ride was like the escape scene in the movie  Bourne Legacy.


Our next stop is Kayangan Lake. You have to do a lot of climbing and walking before you get to see paradise. You know travelling is like life, You have to make a lot of sacrifices which will all be worth it in the end.

Kayangan Lake

A glimpse of heaven before you get there 🙂 This is what you will see after climbing. You will forget how hard the journey up here was when you see this.

Kayangan Lake

After the ascend, you will do another activity which is descending. Finally here we are at the hidden paradise of Coron Palawan. It was like a place where fairies hide and goddesses of nature take a bath, The pristine waters of Kayangan lake was like sanitized by God.

When I got in the water, the tiredness I was feeling was suddenly gone. The waters were very calming and a bit chilly. I closed my eyes and laid back. I floated for like forever. I sound of the people swimming was shut out. Everybody was likwe in mute mode. It felt like I’m the only person existing at that time. I could hear insects like grasshopper and others. They were like humming a rhythm in rejoice of God. Their sound echoed   across the lake.  And then without noticing it, I was already communing with God. Times like these, I was given an opportunity to actually hear God answering back my prayers. I know. I felt his love right there. It was another heaven in the Philippines that I found. I am grateful. I was feeling overflowing love and energy you feel. I realized that the lake was enchanted. I came to my senses when my mother called that it was time to leave. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t realized that the tiny waves of the lake, brought me near the the fishes. It was beautiful to see  them swimming with me.

You think my journeys over well our next stop involves more climbing we climb over 600 steps to ge here:


and experience another lovely sunset


I know I look tired. Who wouldn’t be? That was over 600 steps and I thought I would lose my lungs. But It was perfect. My lungs needed fresh air like this. Manila has poisoned it for over a year.

And that wraps up my summer 2013 🙂 When I had these trips, Dan Brown’s inferno was very controversial at that time because he made Manila his setting as a gate to hell. To be honest, I wasn’t offended like many others. Manila isn’t exactly a loable city that is to die for. But I am grateful of this City Coz it actually serve as a gate to heaven for my awesome Batanes and Coron Trips.

Next stop: Hong Kong in October

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