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This 2011, we started the year with a vacation in my father’s home town in La Union, which I consider as my second home town. The province of La Union is 5 hours away from Angeles City.

I got so excited because the last time I was here was 7 years ago. My father’s home was in San Gabriel which is approximately 45 minutes from Urbiztondo. No one lives there anymore and there’s no water supply. That’s why we stayed at Sebay resort. Indeed, there many had changed during the past years. The Philippines is now the latest surfing spot and one of the most popular destination s is La Union province. Its 2 seasons of surfing is from July to October and November to March, which is really unique compared to other surfing arenas in the Philippines. This in Urbiztondo San Juan La Union, Philippines.

When I saw the beach, I was stunned because it was my first time to be in a beach which is a surfing area. It was beautiful and cool! But I didn’t dare try to surf and take my lessons. It’s so cold that time and I was scared to swim in the beach because the waves are so strong and a bit high. It seems like the waves can take off my 2 piece swim suit. I’ve been to different beaches in the Philippines but this was really different. I enjoyed watching people surf. And that is enough to make me happy. I’d rather watch than die during the first day of the year 2011.

See how this guy surfs. I think he’s a local. The people who surf here are mixed foreigners and locals. Cool isn’t it! But I couldn’t see this thru my naked eye. Even was glasses, it was hard to watch. I had to peek through the camera. For first time surfers, there are paid surfing tutorials just along the beach. You can approach them anytime you want.

Here’s another photo of a local. There are so many of them just wanted you to see more pix.. =)

Here is a shop of surfing boards where you could borrow or buy one. I even saw photos of famous people who visited the resort, Including the former president. I ywas thinking, why didn’t the waves took her so she could stop controlling this country even if she is no longer the president. :p

Breakfast in bed isn’t the best. But rather it is breakfast along beach side. I ate something like Spanish omelet plus coffee. =) And Of course I love seeing people enjoy the beach and the sun like me. Here is a photo of morning surfers taking their lessons

Another thing that I love about the beach is the smell. And the romantic view especially when I’m with him.I love to walk along the shore. and of course, the sunset..=)



San Gabriel is a barrio within La Union. It is where my fathers grew up and were we used to go home every year. I love this place because it’s peaceful, beautiful, free from noise pollution and the people here live a simple life. Sometimes, I get pissed off with all the chaos in the City that’s why when I’m here, I forget about all the problems. Because you can’t bring them in here. Before, there’s no network signal unlike now. Back then when I’m here I could actually tell myself this” ahhh.. “Finally I’m out of reach. No phone calls, no unwanted text messages, and no internet and there’s no way they could contact me about school stuff” but now the barrio has developed a bit. Network connections are high now. Nevertheless, there still no internet connection available. At least, I can forget about facebook for a while =)

Barrio is a Spanish term meaning an urban district. This term is widely used in the Philippines too.

This is what you will see once you are inside the barrio. This is Farmville in real life. If you want to live a simple life, Be a farmer. I guess you’ll have fewer problems. But first, you have to be contented in being farmer.

This is what they call “KARAYAN” it means ilog in Filipino or river in English. When I was young, we never missed a chance to swim here. Then you’ll also see the carabaos taking a bath with you. haha!

There is an improvement with the “TAYTAY” or hanging bridge. It freaks me out to pass here when I was young because the bridge back then was only pieces of wood. Now it’s safer because they used iron or metal. But it’s still shaky when you walk along it so I still freak out.

It’s so beautiful here and very peaceful. People here doesn’t get hungry because the nature is providing for their needs. Ate Susan, the care taker, told us that there aren’t beggars in this place. In fact the ingredients she used for cooking are food were only given by some of our neighbors. Guess what, someone even gave us a native chicken for free.

And so that ends our trip to La Union. I’m hoping to come back in summer with my other friends. I had so much fun. I wish I could travel more. It relieves me from all the stress. Someday, I’ll be a traveler, then I will write a book that can bring a reader to many places in the Philippines and the whole world.It’s gonna like a one way ticket to the world.

See you on my next trip! Goodbye for now =)

-xo Zzy Martinez

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