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Letting go of my GALL BLADDER

Since January, I have been brought to the hospital thrice due to acute pain on the upper part of my stomach. First, I was diagnosed to be suffering from gastritis. I had to undergo endoscopy and ultrasound before they found out that I have gall stones. My doctor suggested for my gall bladder to be removed but I didn’t want to til the third attack. This time I suffered from pancreatitis because the stone went out and got stucked on the common bile duct. I still didn’t want it removed but 5 doctors told me that it’s time to let it go. Four of them told me that the stone blocking the bile will be removed through ERCP and the gall bladder through laparoscopic surgery. But one of them told me that since I am also suffering from pancreatitis my only option is to undergo an open surgery since ERCP is very risky for me and it might cause more complications.


I am so sad that this has to happen. I still don’t want to go under┬áthe knife since I just had a baby through C section. Now I’m really praying for a miracle and hope that my pancreatitis will heal before I go back to the hospital for my operation. I am really afraid to let go of my gall bladder but I have to because I can no longer bear coming back tothe hospital when pain strikes.

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