Reasons why you should hire a Travel Agents


In this age of DIYs, many have dispensed with hiring agencies in the hope of saving more money. There is this notion that travel agencies charge too much. Well, we can’t really blame people because they  do—Like some years ago. But in order to be competitive a lot has change. You might say that you could just add it up to your pocket money instead of paying for them.  But is it really worth it? Here are the reasons why I think you should buy travel packages from agents, instead of just relying on yourself.

1. They’re cheaper than you think

If you resort to DIY (Do-it-yourself) and compare what you have pulled out from their packages, you will notice that there is really a tiny difference between the prices. The  average is like  P50 to P100 to nothing.

2. Time is Gold

First, when you wait for travel deals, so much time is wasted hanging on budget airline’s websites or reading every notifications they sent to you.

Second, most likely their promos are scheduled for at least another year, where you’re not even sure if you are be available. You risk your schedule every time you book promo fares. When you’re in rush, you should hire them too. Because if you purchase tickets for your flight this week or next month, it’s gnna be really expensive. But TAs can do magic in in purchasing cheap airline tix for you.

Third, the time you spent searching, booking and confirming a flight purchase is hilariously long. It takes at least 2 hours to book 2 people. Can you imagine how long it took me to book 8 people during our last tour in Coron. I even had this experience where when I was about to wrap up the booking, an error occurred on the website of Cebu Pacific. I will never forget, the first time I booked a flight for Boracay where I have to repeat the whole process for at least 5 times!!!

Fourth, When you’re done booking the flight, the next thing you have to do is find hotels, search where to go, or in another words, pull up a Land arrangement. You spend days doing this. It’s not really worth the effort because Travel agents can do that for you and they will know where to bring you. Well you can research where you want to go and tell them to bring you to those places or tell them which places you’re not interested to see.

3. They’ve got connections you will never have

Travel agents are connected to rest of the world. It took them decades to build these connections and it will take you a century to discover their trade secrets. They get the cheapest deals that are great and all worth it.

4. It’s safer to purchase from them

If you know an agency that can be trusted, book from them instead of booking from websites like Metrodeal and other group bookings because I heard a few bad experiences from them. Personally, there was a time when my purchase was charged double from the credit card. It took so long to refund this purchase.

5. They’re Heros

When something goes wrong, call them up and they are ready to fix your problem. If you bought a peso ticket and your flight gets cancelled, there’s nothing you can do about that. Nada! But if you purchased from TAs, they will rebook your flights and you’re more secured.


I am not a travel agent nor affiliated from any Travel Agents 🙂

What else do you like or don’t like from purchasing packages from Travel Agents? Leave your comment below 🙂

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