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Our Pinoy Paisanos: 16 Ways You Can Help The Philippines

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Anyone who has ever worked on ships has, without a doubt, worked with dozens of Filipinos. They are our co-workers, our friends and our family.

Over the weekend our ship life paisanos were faced the devastating destruction of their home. One of the strongest storms in recorded history, Typhoon Haiyan, killed an estimated 10,000 people. To put that number into perspective combine the casualties from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and 9/11… and double it.

Between managers, A/V crew and random friendly faces in the staff bar, I have a long list of Filipinos who hold a special place in my heart. So as I watched the death toll climb as Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the islands, I held my breath and prayed for my friends.


I have sent messages to some and not heard back from any. So what can I do to help while I wait to hear from…

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Travel photos Quiz Answers- 4 pics 1 word (Level 1)

Just got back from a world tour. I’ve been all over the world through this game. It took me 9 months to go around the world and find out the answers in this game (Just kidding) . I enjoyed playing this game. I started playing this game in April 2013. I stopped when I got busy but finally I was able to answer challenges in all 3 levels. Here are the answers to World Tour 1, World Tour 2 and 3 will be uploaded in separate posts

World Tour 1

**To go directly to World Tour 2 and World tour 3 just click the links.

1. Paris 2. London 3. New York 4. India 5. Egypt 6. Japan 7. Berlin 8. Sydney 9. Moscow 10. Beijing 11. Istanbul 12. Rome 13. Chicago 14. Myanmar 15. Cambodia 16. Cape Town

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