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The real Cost of Traveling to Batanes


How much does does it really cost to travel in Batanes? You’ve heard the rumors right. It is much cheaper to travel in some of our neighbor countries than in Batanes. Why is that? Because 1) Basco’s airport has a short runway and cannot accommodate big airplanes. 2) There’s only are only 2 airlines that flies to Batanes. One used to be Seair. I dunno what happened but Seair no longer flies to Batanes. Now it is skyjet and palexpress. There’s not much competition hence the air fare can shoot up to more than P20,000.

But the good news is, Pal express has just started flying to Batanes. Well you can say that there’s still not much of a competition but at least you now have a choice in picking schedules and comparing fares.

I think there’s a need to improve Skyjet and Pal express’    flight schedule. because Skyjet fly only once around 5:00am (to and/from Batanes) during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  While Pal express fly also around 6:00am to Batanes and 8:00am back to Manila, 3 times a week. Hence your 3d/2n tour will be chopped off to only 2 days.

Unless you’re lucky enough to catch a seat sale, the cost of the airfare alone is the following:



Palexpress (Airphil Express)


Pal Express is a bit cheaper but Skyjet accomodates more passengers. Skyjet can accomodate 90 passengers and Palexpress accomodates 76 passengers.

This is just the beginning of your expenditures because you still have to book your hotels and tour.

In our experience we purchased a package tour which includes everything including air tickets, accommodation, day tours and meals and it costs around P25,000 per pax for 3d/2n.  tour. We were grateful for the price of the package because few months earlier the price of the package was P50,000 per pax. If you opt to stay longer the cost of a 4d/3n package is P30,000.

Tip: If you want to spend a little less and you have time to do some research, do not go through travel agents here in Manila. Book your own flights (wait for a seat sale) and accommodation, then find a tour guide that is based in Batanes because the travel agents here will just book your tours with  another travel agent there which means you are paying 2 agents. Hence it is better do the job of one and to go to another agent directly.

You might ask, why did we buy a package tour if I know all these things, It is because this trip wasn’t planned at all. I didn’t have the time to do a research and look for agents, compare,prices, find hotels, present them to my mother etc.

We stayed at Batanes Seaside and our Tour guide is in Batanes is BCTA. If we didn’t go through another travel agent the cost of the package will only be P73,000 for 3 pax. We will only save around P2,000. Not much really hehe..

It is really expensive, but don’t worry because it’s all worth it. If you’re a lover of nature, culture and history, you will love it here. We wanted to stay longer but the flights were fully booked. We were not able to visit Sabtang Island, I feel the need to go back and experience Batanes. There are many unexpected things that you will see here. I suggest that you should stay for at least 4 days.

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