The day I decided to eat worms: The verdict

 ” Don’t dare stop me” I said

“Don’t dare kiss me after you eat that” He said.

Before I went to Palawan I told my boyfriend that I’m going to try Tamilok. I knew that he would object like he always did when I try to do something crazy.  But I have prepared myself for this even before I went here. However I was surprised that Tamilok is actually available everywhere in Palawan. I was expecting to see them in a beach because that’s what I saw  in Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Food.   I didn’t know that I would actually eat them on our first night at Kinabuch.

For those who don’t know Tamilok is a wood worm that is a very popular in Palawan. According to our tour guide It was called Tamilok when a filipino heard 2 foreigners talking about the wood worm. One of them said “Hey Tommy look!”  This pinoy started calling them tamilok since then.


It looks murky and smells a little  filthy.

Tamilok2Here goes


Ah! OMG! It’s bitter and  there’s like a powdered wood stuffed inside the worm. I didn’t like it. But I dared everyone to try it.

The Tamilok eating challenge:


And the loser is………………………………..


Everyone tried the Tamilok except my boyfriend who refused to kiss me for hours after this.

I had so much fun with the food in Kinabuch and the worm though my expectations were not met.

But this eating challenge did not end here because while we were having lunch at Sabang Beach, There were vendors who kept bugging us to buy Tamilok. We told them that we were done with this and we didn’t like it. But she said that her worms were freshly caught. They tastes better than those sold in restaurants. Finally I was convinced to try them again




The final verdict: I love it! Tastes like oysters that has a bit wood.  I love how the calamansi made it even better. This is what I’m looking for and this is what I was expecting. My group went back for more and brought some for my dad too. You should try it. My boyfriend didn’t because he doesn’t have balls.. hehehe

When you go here just try them right after your underground river tour at Sabang Beach because they are fresh and tastes much better than those served at the restaurants.

Don’t worry if you think that they”ll move inside your mouth. Because they die once they are pulled out from their shelter (wood) Try them they’re great! 🙂

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