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20.13 Base fare for 2013 from Cebu Pacific


Cebu Pacific is giving out another cheap fares. Selling Period is only until January 1 hence you need to hurry! ūüôā

you may book your tickets here

If you’re able to catch this seat sale (roundtrip) your ticket will only cost about P 1157

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Happy booking!!! ūüôā


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How to book a flight online

This post is a continuation of “How to catch a seat sale post

After I have given you a prep about booking online Now I will show you the step by step¬†process of¬†booking a cheap fare online. I will use the Airphil Express’s website because I think that it is the easiest to use. The process is practically the same with other airline’s web.

Step 1: Go to the Airline’s Website. Here are the list of budget airlines in the Philippines (You can choose below by clicking the link)

Air Asia

Airphil Express

Cebupacific Air


Zest Air

Step 2: When you see a seat sale like this one. Always take note of the Selling Period, booking period, and the destinations because the seat sale might be over or hasn’t even started yet. And it might not be the one you’re looking for.

Seat Sale

Step 3: Search for flights using the search box. Just click the drop-down box choose where you are flying from, choose your preferred travel dates (Make sure it is within the promo period) choose where you want to fly, and how many tickets you are buying. Then click find flights.

search box

Tip: Most of the time search results will take longer to show up specially when you are trying to compete with thousand others. Hence close other tabs, patiently wait and quit opening too many tabs or lurking on facebook.

Step 4:¬†When the results appear you willl see something like this in general even in other airline’s website. If you’re in luck, the base fare mentioned in the advrtisement will still be available like in this case the base fare mentioned above is P151. It is apparent that it is still available in our sample search below and in other dates too. However if in case it is no longer available on your desired date you can opt to pay a higher base fare or move your travel period to pay less.

After you click the base fare you will see the total amount of the ticket that you will have to pay. In this case you will only pay P1184 (1 person) for a round trip ticket from Clark to Cebu from July 3-5. This could the cheapest you can find online.


Step 5:¬†Click continue then you will be brought to this page. Enter your details. If you’re going out of the country make sure to enter your passport ¬†details if not then leave this behind. Provide a valid email address (one that you have an access to) because your itinerary will be sent here then click continue

Step 6:¬†Next you will be brought here and you will be ask to choose a seat. ¬†if you think you don’t need any of this don’t do anything just skip these because you’ll have to pay for them on top of your air tickets. Click continue on these 2 pages. I normally skip them..hehe



Tip: If you¬†Check in-in early ¬†you could still choose your preferred seats. Arrive at the airport 2 hours before your scheduled flight ūüôā

Step 7: Payment. 

travel insurance

It is your choice whether to add up travel insurance on top of your air tickets.

credit card

If you have a credit card just enter your details above. If you don’t have one you can ask other’s permission to use their credit card. However you are required to present that credit card or a photocopy ¬†during check-in.

third party


Another option is to choose third party payment and pay through the trusted parties above within 24-hours of booking.


After you have completed all the step above make sure that you agree to the terms and click submit payment. You will then receive your itinerary. If you chose to pay by third party you will receive a code that you will have to use in paying for your ticket.

If you have more¬†questions¬†about booking online you may post your comments below and I’ll try my best to help you. Happy Booking ūüôā

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Latest seat Sale from Airphil Express



Your favorite budget airline is giving out another round of  big discounts this Christmas season for summer in 2013 for only about P1514

Remember to book until December 6, 2012.

Travel Period: January 15- April 15 2013

Happy Booking!

Book your tickets here






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The day I decided to eat worms: The verdict

¬†” Don’t dare stop me” I said

“Don’t dare kiss me after you eat that” He said.

Before I went to Palawan I told my boyfriend that I’m going to try Tamilok. I knew that he would object like he always did when I try to do something crazy. ¬†But I have prepared myself for this even before I went here. However I was surprised that Tamilok is actually available everywhere in Palawan. I was expecting to see them in a beach¬†because¬†that’s what I saw ¬†in Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Food. ¬† I didn’t know that I would actually eat them on our first night at Kinabuch.

For those who don’t know Tamilok is a wood worm that is a very popular in Palawan. According to our tour guide It was called Tamilok when a filipino heard 2 foreigners talking about the wood worm. One of them said “Hey Tommy look!” ¬†This pinoy started calling them tamilok since then.


It looks murky and smells a little  filthy.

Tamilok2Here goes


Ah! OMG! It’s bitter and ¬†there’s like a powdered wood stuffed inside the worm. I didn’t like it. But I dared everyone to try it.

The Tamilok eating challenge:


And the loser is………………………………..


Everyone tried the Tamilok except my boyfriend who refused to kiss me for hours after this.

I had so much fun with the food in Kinabuch and the worm though my expectations were not met.

But this eating challenge did not end here because while we were having lunch at Sabang Beach, There were vendors who kept bugging us to buy Tamilok. We told them that we were done with this and we didn’t like it. But she said that her worms were freshly caught. They tastes better than those sold in restaurants. Finally I was convinced to try them again




The final verdict: I love it! Tastes like oysters that has a bit wood. ¬†I love how the calamansi made it even better. This is what I’m looking for and this is what I was expecting. My group went back for more and brought some for my dad too. You should try it. My boyfriend didn’t because he doesn’t have balls.. hehehe

When you go here just try them right after your underground river tour at Sabang Beach because they are fresh and tastes much better than those served at the restaurants.

Don’t worry if you think that they”ll move inside your mouth. Because they die once they are pulled out from their shelter (wood) Try them they’re great! ūüôā

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P88 Base fare Manila to Kota Kinabalu from Cebu Pacific

Your favorite budget airline is giving out another round of  big discounts this Christmas season. Travel from Manila to Kota Kinabalu from Feb 1, 2013- May 31, 2013 next year for only P88 (one way base fare)


I did a mock booking to find out the total cost of the roundtrip ticket from Manila to Kota Kinabalu and vice versa. Here it is:

kota kinabalu


See how cheap it is? The trick is just you have to reduce the check -in baggage to 15kg (to Kota Kinabalu) and since the flight is short just remove the meals so you can save up. Remember to book only until December 4 2012

To learn more about booking your tickets online read these tips

Remember to follow this blog to get immediate alerts on the next seat sale ūüôā

Happy Booking!

Book your tickets here


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Cheapest way to travel is to fly from Clark to CEB, PPS, KLO

Today is another great day to book a flight from Airphil express because the air tickets to the Philippine’s most popular destinations are on sale again. Base fare is only P288 which will only go up to P1491 including taxes and service charge for round your round trip air tickets.

Remember to book only within November 30- December 2 2012
Limit your search Within aug 1 to sep 30 2013.
Travel tip: The longer you wait the cheaper the tickets get.
Book your flight here:

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