Princess of Palawan

This is my second attempt to write this blog post. I was almost done my post when suddenly I clicked some tab on my browser and I wanted to cry after that because it was not even saved on drafts and I dunno why. I’m new to wordpress forgive my clumsiness. Okay! enogh of the drama. Here goes.

Last October 30- Nov. 1 we went to Palawan with my mom, sis, boyfriend, cousin and friends. We waited for 8 months before this trip because we booked for the P288 peso seat sale from Airphil Express. We spent only P1351 for our round trip tickets. Then we purchased a P4350 package tour from Golets Travel Inc.   This package tour includes 3d/2n accomodation in corazon tourist inn, roundtrip airport transfer, city tour, honda bay tour and underground river tour.

Tip: Purchase package tour at least 2 weeks before especially when you’re going to see the underground river because permits must first be issued before you can go there. It’s always fully booked. Better to be prepared. 🙂

Day 1: City Tour

Before we started our tour we ate lunch at Balinsasayaw

She’s Jen our voluptuous guide for this day 🙂

First stop is at Crocodile Farm

Trivia: This is the second largest crocodile caught in the Philippines. He was dethroned by Lolong for the first place. They caught him eating a fisherman alive. Wahhhhh I don’t wanna think about it.

I’ve seen crocs in Bangkok before. I wasn’t really excited to see them again but When I saw them like this, jumping for a piece of meat scared the hell out of me. I started imagining things like what if the platform we were standing on collapse. I shiver at this thought.

This baby crocodile is unexpectedly soft and light.

Palawan Bear Cat. I was scared to carry him. His fur is surprisingly dry and frizzy. Parang damaged hair na makapal  :p

Crocodile for only P150. Tastes like chicken 🙂

Our next stop was at Mitra’s Ranch

They’ve got a nice view above here.

Our next stop is at Baker’s Hill. It houses delicious pastries, hopias, monay, breads etc. My favorite is the ube hopia which tastes heavenly.

Ang laki ng monay nila! hehehe

Weavers at Binuatan Creations

Nga nga na lang ako sa bilis ni Ate

They will allow you to try and weave too.

We strolled along Plaza Cuartel until Joan screamed because there was something fishy appearing on her photos.

Century Old Immaculate Concepcion Parish Church. Looks new because it was restored.

–That ends our day tour in Puerto Princesa City.

Puerto Princesa is the princess I’m referring to my blog tag line.

It is a city that sleeps soundly at night. No Big City buzz but filled with spectacular views and trees. Fresh Air has cleared my mind. I love it here. It is safe to roam around without worrying that your phone will be snatched.

I think Mayor Haggedorn has done quite a lot for this place. They are strict for their rules and I can see and feel that people are obedient with  rules.  They care for their environment like how they care for their own families. If it is possible here then it can be possible for the rest of our country.

I learned a lot of things in my first day here. I couldn’t wait for the next day to start.’

Please Read the continuation of this tour

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