Fly from Manila to Kuala Lumpur P688 base Fare will begin on 12 midnight tonight

Booking for a promo fare is like joining the amazing race. Not only your connection needs to be fast but you should also be fast in searching for the flights with the base fare+ the most convenient  date+ the most convenient time.

Flights with early schedule and late return flight are usually gone in a blink of an eye. It’s actually a blessing to see promo fares that will begin in 12 midnight like this one because you can wait for 12 midnight before the promo starts and your chances of winning this race  is bigger. unlike other promos which happen instantly. They’re gone before you even have a glimpse.  While the lucky ones who are coincidentally online when they saw the promo are the ones jumping for joy because they got the best schedule with the cheapest fare.

Tips in booking fares online: Always take note of the Selling or booking period before you do any search. Its nonsense to join the race if you can’t even have a vacation on the travel dates provided.

Your roundtrip tickets will cost around: P3995

Happy Booking! Book your tickets here.

Note: Before 12 midnight stay on Airphil’s page and keep on refreshing it until the P688 base fare appears.

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