No wonder Gagay wanders

This blog is basically a travel blog. My goal is to inform readers, give some tips, entertain, show them a world different from theirs and make you excited about your upcoming tours in places I’ve been. 

The beauty in reading travel blogs is that it helps you prepare for your upcoming trip. But the problem is that most bloggers spill the beans. They will tell you everything you will see and expect and that’s what I used to do in my old blogs. Hence I will try my best to keep my blog post short so I will not spoil the fun you are about to experience.

Why do I love to travel?

Tell me who doesn’t. I bet they’re workaholics. I love to travel because I love to learn. Those things we see on TV or read on books are nothing compared to seeing them personally. I love it when wonders of nature literally takes my breath away, When tall buildings and infrastructures in other places amazes me even if I live in a  big city and the People I meet on tours make me laugh, smile and blissfully happy. Plus the factoids we learn during our trip are the things that helps us understand the world better. That is why It’s no wonder Gagay loves to wander.

**For the benefit of those who doesn’t understand the difference between Wonder and Wander:

Wonder means to try to discover the truth and Wander means to roam around or travel



-Still a frustrated blogger but this time determined to succeed


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