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75% seat sale from Cebu Pac (still on going)

Here’s another round of discount from Cebu Pacific Air. your round trip airfare (All-in) will only cost around P1769 if you’re able to catch the 75% seat sale!

You can Book your tickets here

Remember to book before December 1. Click here to read some tips on how to catch a seat sale

Happy Booking!

If you missed this sale, subscribe/ follow  this blog and be one of the first to know about seat sales from all budget airlines in the Philippines.

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How to catch a seat sale promo from budget airlines in the Philippines

Since I got back from my trip in Puerto Princesa, I have received few private messages on facebook and text messages asking me how much I have spent on my trip. Even if I couldn’t see their reactions I knew that their eyes would go wider after I gave them my answers. The next question would be “How” then they would ask me to join wherever my next trip is or ask me to give them every time there’s a seat sale.

However even if I give them these alerts it’s either they’re unprepared or they don’t how to do it. It’s really simple but it takes a lot of patience. And it does take a lot of time. I think doing a  budget travel also needs practice and a lot of trial and errors.

I still remember the cost of the first ticket I bought from Cebu Pacific. It costs around P6,000 per person round trip from Manila to Kalibo. I was inexperienced that time and I didn’t know that it could have been cheaper if I was prepared. But now I have booked a Clark- Cebu for only P2000 , Clark-Puerto Princesa for only P1351, Clark to Cebu(peso seats) P848 and a boracay trip (peso seats)  for my mom and dad for only P1696.  These rates includes everything like taxes, web fee and the base fare.

For international flights I have booked a Singapore flight for only P4000++, Bangkok flight P5000++, and recently I’ve got my Hong Kong tickets (7p base fare from Cebu Pacific ) which only costs around P2700++

Wanna learn the tricks? Read on..

First thing you need to learn is that when airlines announce a seat sale they will only provide you the base fare.This base fare is the original price of the ticket but it does not include taxes and other charges. Hence if you see a piso fare promo t does not necessarily mean that you’re going to pay 1 peso for your ticket. That’s absurd to think really! :p I remember arguing once with someone abut this matter. In the end I decided to just shut my mouth and let him find out for himself ( Sorry! Dipa rin ako maka move on sa argument namin na non sense) 

Be prepared

Seat Sales are constant. There are a lot of budget airlines you could choose from and they all have seat sales everyday. But the cheapest comes out in a Bam! and they’re gone in a blink of an eye. Hence you need to be prepared.

  • Have a destination on your mind. Whether Domestic or International, you should know where you are going to because you cannot just decide on the day the seat sale comes out. Time is short
  • Set a date and an alternative date at least 4 months to even a year later. Early bird catches the worm 🙂 The earlier the better The longer you wait the cheaper  tickets get.
  • Set your credit cards or money. Prepare at least P2000 pesos for domestic flights and P5000 for International flights. (In case you choose third party payment method)

Booking a trip is like an amazing race nothing beats a fully prepared person.

Lurk on their websites like a stalker

  • Customize your internet browser in such a way that when you open your google chrome or firefox, all the Budget Airline’s website will automatically load on different tabs.
  • Subscribe to  email alerts. But make sure that you check your mails constantly.
  • Like their pages on Facebook
  • Follow them on twitter
  • Follow blogs that gives regular updates on seat sales like this one. Follow No Wonder I Wander and you’ll never miss another seat sale from different airlines.

Since I’ve started travelling annually I have never missed a seat sale. Most of the  time I see these promos on Facebook, twitter, or emails from blogs I follow. I kind of believe that catching the cheapest fare is like serendipity because they appear before me just in time when I needed them. I don’t vainly wait for them or look for them. They appear before me like magic and I grab them instantly without hesitation.

Continuation: How to book a flight

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13p seat sale for 2013 from Air Asia



Fly domestic from Clark to Kalibo and Davao from as low as P328, or fly overseas to Hong Kong , Kota Kinabalu and Taipei from a

s low as P473 and Singapore and Kuala Lumpur from as low as P693, all all-in fares! Awesome deals indeed! Check full list and terms and conditions at


This seat sale will start tomorrow November 26-Dec. 2 2012

Travel period: December 16 to March 31 2013

Happy Booking

Tips to catch the promo:

  • Fire up your computers before 12 am tom.
  • prepare your credit cards.
  • Decide on your travel dates. Have an alternative travel dates in case the 13p base fare is no longer available.
  • Lurk on Air asia’s website before 12am.

book your tickets here

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My encounter with a world wonder

I am a fan of nature. God’s work of art has never failed to awe me. Big City tours does not please me like how nature does. Before our trip to Palawan I have done my own research of the underground river. Needless to say It is very popular because it has been officially declared as on of the World’s 7 wonders of nature. Hence, we save the best for last. UR tour is our last activity here in Palawan.

The declaration of the Puerto Princesa Underground River as one of the Official NEW 7 WONDERS OF NATURE has resulted to the sharp increase in influx of visitors to the Park. To conserve it in its natural state, a carrying capacity of Nine Hundred (900) Visitors a day is currently in effect and a NO PERMIT, NO ENTRY POLICY is strictly enforced. Management highly advises that a Visitor Entry Permit (VEP) be secured in advance before proceeding to the Park. We sincerely regret and apologize for any inconvenience as we appeal to you to please bear with us. (source)

We booked our package tour a month earlier from our trip. However my cousin who just decided to join our tour was not able to secure permit because it was already fully booked. But since my mom already saw the UR 5 years ago she passed her permit to my cousin.

Tip: Secure your permit at least 2 weeks before your trip to Palawan.

From puerto Princesa the trip to unferground river will take around 2 hours with stopover here:


Parang mga vietnamese lang. 


May hang over pa ng vietnam war si Jede


I didn’t know that there are squirrels in the Philippines. Now I’ve seen one.

Moving on: Another boat ride before we can get to the hidden paradise



St. Paul Mountain Range. Nga nga talaga ako sa ganda.



Pat loved this place so much. I quote “Hindi ko to ipagpapalit sa Boracay” 

We got so excited and we took a lot of photos before our turn to enter the cave.




We’ve been warned about these thieves. Never bring plastic bags because they will be taken.Image

ImageI will never get tired of this place because it’s very interesting and  everything is surprising. I like animals and nature even if it’s scary sometimes.


Our group was divided. Image


These dripping water have minerals which when exposed to air forms the stalactite and stalagmite. Interesting isn’t it?

I won’t show photos of what I saw inside because I don’t want spoil the fun for you. How was it inside? The trip was short but it was great I still wish we’d go deeperbecause the boat man was really good in giving these tours. You will never get bored because they’re humorous and you will see a lot of images inside. My favorite is the face of Jesus Christ. I had goosebumps and even got teary eyed because I kind of felt that Jesus was really there looking at me. It was like he’s communicating with me through nature like an apparition.

I had su much fun here not only with the things I saw but with what I have learned this is one of the best trip I’ve had so far. I’m sure you will appreciate  life ad nature when you see the underground river. I’m grateful for this experience. It’s never a wonder why I love to wander around the Philippines.

see you on my next trip!

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P1267 (ALL-In) fare from Airphil express


So many places, so much time

Who says you can’t have it all? With our discounted fares, you can book your trips from June 2013 to September 2013 and maximize your budget to fly as much as you want. With so many cities to choose from, your only dilemma is choosing where to go! 

Luzon Routes (Busuanga, Legazpi, Masbate, Naga, Puerto Princesa, Tuguegarao)
Visayas Routes (Calbayog, Catarman, Caticlan, Dumaguete, Kalibo, Roxas, Tacloban)
* Clark Hubs (Cebu, Kalibo, Puerto Princesa) 
* Davao Hubs (Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Zamboanga) 
* Zamboanga Hubs (Jolo, Tawi-tawi) 
Selling Period: 19 – 23 NOV 2012 
Travel Period: 01 – 30 SEP 2013

It’s running out so fast. I checked and couldn’t book on my desired dates because promo fares were almost gone. But there are still available P188 base fare on different dates  book your tickets here

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P788 seat sale from Airphil Express all international routes



This promo will start in an hour. Set your computers now! 

Reminder take note of the travel periods. Limit your search within June 1- Sept. 30 2013 

Goodluck! You may book your tickets here

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Latest “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” video

Be proud share this video all over the world to attract tourists 🙂

Every year I go out of the country. But I am always drawn by my own country’s Beauty.

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75% off discount from Cebu Pacific is still on going


I have not posted this seat sale because I thought that it isn’t true. Because I do not just post this seat sales without trying to check if they are still available. Then  I tried booking davao from IloIlo and I was surprised to see this.


The round trip ticket will then only cost 1677. Try searching for this discount on different dates I’m sure you’ll catch one! 🙂 Good Luck!




You may book your tickets here

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