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I won a travel contest!

I like joining travel contests to be able to travel for free. I joined about 5 contests before I won the SEAIR’s Summer memories Contest. The prizes are:

  • Two round trip tickets

o Manila/Boracay/Manila or Cebu/Boracay/Cebuor Clark/Boracay/Clark

  • Three days and two nights stay at Tides Boracay
  • A dinner for two at FishbarBoracay
  • Zipline for two @ fairways & Bluewater Resort
  • Two pairs of sandals from ResToeRun
  • Two pairs of Rayban shades
A video that will get the highest number of votes (counted by likes on Facebook) will get these P70, 000 worth of prizes. So I created a video about my first trip to Boracay Philippines which was lucky enough to garner 3332 likes. I got this plenty of votes with the help of so many people working on it to get it to the top. Believe me it’s not easy as it seems. Honestly, If I knew that soliciting votes will get so much of my time I wouldn’t join this contest. But all my efforst paid of because I won 🙂

I was searching for travel contest on google 2 days before I found out about this contest. Then I saw this accidentally on Seair’s website ( I don’t look at ads; I look for fare promos). The contest was already going on for about a month and there were already so many entries. I wanted to kill myself for not finding about this earlier because I’ve been checking Seair’s website everyday. But I just realize that if I didn’t join then I’m gonna miss the chance to win and so I created a vid. It took me like 10 hours to create. Guess what? just when I was about to upload the vid, the file got CORRUPTED. It’s 1am then.. I slept 5am because I had to create one again. I didn’t wanna give up. Then the next day, I was able to finish this vid. I was exhausted but happy. I’m happy coz a lot of people liked the vid. The next challenge for me is to solicit votes. My competitors got over 800 LIKEs and I got only 60 on the first day. Until I got very very lucky with the help of my friends and I won. 🙂

Here is the video that I’m so proud about: Feel Free to watch and experience Summer in Boracay in less than 4 minutes.
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