Pacific Pensionne ~The real hotel review

Well it sucks! Sorry to be rude but this hotel accommodation almost ruin our vacation. Maybe you wanna say that you get what you pay for but here? No you don’t get what pay for, you get less than what you pay for. Firstly, it ain’t clean. They won’t clean your rooms unless you say so. Second, The shower knob is broken, you can’t shower properly with a broken shower knob. Thirdly, there are plenty of ants in the room. Fourthly, Don’t expect that you will be served like a guest. Fifth we asked for water, it seems like they don’t wanna give us some water. If it’s for sale then say it, don’t give us some warm water and expect that we’re going to drink it. Sixth, we asked for extra pillows and sheets and it took them forever to give it. As if we’re not going to pay. After staying there for a night we decided to just move to another hotel in Tagbilaran which is Bohol Tropics. Yes it’s cheap but if you don’t want a hassle free vacation do not stay here. The staff are not even hospitable. Here’s one thing I learned during this trip: Do not settle for less. You’re on a vacation, get something that you deserve. You’re suppose to have fun. Spend your money wisely.

Note: I made an online booking and paid in advanced but when I got there, they didn’t even bother to check if I really made a deposit nor ask for identification if I’m really their guest. They just know that someone did, but they’re not sure which guest made it. I think they’re online booking is fake. I was there in a holy week, what if they ran out of rooms? Then maybe we’ll end up looking for a hotel in the middle of the night.

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