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Swiper’s Inn Review

Swiper’s inn is located along station 1 beach front of Boracay Island. It used to be a vacation house until it was converted by the owners into a commercial establishment. Now it is an inn that provides accommodation services. The ground floor of Swiper’s inn is a restaurant named Kasbah. While the second and third floor are large rooms which costs P6, 000 per day.

These rooms can accommodate around 6-8 persons. Since these rooms face the beach, the designs of the rooms are perfect because beautiful scenery of the beach can be seen from the windows. The place is beautiful, but chambermaids won’t clean your room if you don’t ask them to. The CR’s structure is not also good because the floor gets wet when someone take a shower. I guess the shower curtains are too short. I hope they do something about that because no one likes a wet floor. Ours was even flooding with water when we stayed there.

Swiper’s Inn is also too far from everything. You have to ride a tricycle because It is far from d’mall, where people shop, it is too far from d’ talipapa where the market is located. If you’re looking for Night life, you will also have to walk far enough to get to Guilly’s island or Paraw.

Note: This blog is not created to advertise the accommodations posted here. The Author is not affiliated with any of them. The Author’s purpose is only to provide the readers an overview of the establishments and share the experience she had. If you wish to avail the any of their services, she is not the right person to contact Or if you wish to post complains, she is also not the right person to talk to.

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