It’s Boracay please, not Bora


My professor once corrected my classmate when he heard her say “Bora”. “You mean Boracay?” he said. From then on, I dared not say Bora unless I refer to Bora Bora of Tahiti.

In summer 2010 our destination was within the bounds of the Philippines. One of the famous tourist spot here is Boracay Island. It is located in the province of Aklan. They say that it was a hidden paradise  until it was accidentally discovered. Now it is one of the best beaches in the world.

Boracay is indeed a paradise. It’s place where you can actually forget the rest of the world. The beach is spectacular, powdery white sand is wonderful, great restaurants, cheap hotels and fantastic people. There are loads of things you could do here. The locals offer water sports like, helmet diving, para sailing, banana boat, flying fish, snorkeling and many more. If you want to be amaze with nature go Island hopping which costs around 2,500 per group.



If you crave for sea foods, d’talipapa is the place to be. lobsters costs around P1500. Buy all the sea foods you want, and find a restaurant located along the area that will cook for you. And if you want to shop, visit d’mall where you’ll find almost everything that you’re looking for.

The Adventure:


Our Travel Group. We Were with some mama’s friends

Tip: Before purchasing anything or closing a deal with the locals, try looking for cheaper ones, there are hundreds more offering the same, and they are definitely cheaper. Men selling hats at the shore offer their hats for P250 but you could buy them ind’talipapa for only P100. Helmet Diving costs around P800 per head but we were able to close a deal with another, for only P400. remember to get their contact no. so when you get back, you get discounts or refer them to your friends. Find Mang Danny, he lurks around station 2 in front of the Yellow Cab pizza. He offer varieties of cheap. water sports

Island Hopping


Our first adventure is Island hopping. In this activity you will visit 3  Islands. One Island is enough to startle you with the beauties of nature. You’ll see how wonderful the ocean is. You’ll see so many things that will astound you.


Cave in one of the Islands


Beautiful Isn’t it?

Banana Boat Ride:



No one fell! It was so fun!

Flying Fish

 guess this is everyone’s favourit. I saw my group’s smile on their faces after doing this. They love it and they said they’d do it over and over again. I did not try this one because my boyfriend and I just had our time together and swim on the beach.

Helmet Diving


This Activity is Superb. You’ll actually go under the sea and join the fishes and feed them. But don’t be afraid because you’ll have an orientation of what are the dos and don’ts under the water. Well your ear will hurt because of the pressure but the view is amazing. All the pain will be worth it. When I did this I was singingÜnder the sea” while feeding the fishes and for some weird reason a fish bit me.







The famous fire dance

The best thing about being young and being in Boracay is— THE NIGHT LIFE. You’ll meet a lot of party people. Beers are expensive, but when you’re already having fun and going wild. It’s all worth it! Experience beach party around Boracay, get drunk, get high and wake up without remembering anything. We attended so many bars for 4 nights that we were here so I can’t enumerate all of them anymore. But Guilly’s Island is our favorite.

Overall the experience is FUN! FUN! FUN! You haven’t seem them all. There are loads we haven’t tried and experience. What I love about being here is nobody cares about you. Wear what you want, Act how you want, Say whatever and no one cares which is not really a Filipino Culture so It’s like being out of the country too.  It’s definitely no wonder I love to wander.

Watch this short clip I made that summarizes my trip here, this video also won in a travel contest that brought me back to Boracay for free:

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