Panda Hotel Review- Tsuen Wan Hong Kong



Panda Hotel is only 30 minutes away from the hong Kong International Airport in Tsuen Wan.Its location is also accessible because it is near the MTR. Cabs are also available everywhere. When we got in, I was surprised because I didn’t expect that it will look like a 5 star hotel, because I know that my mother would not spend so much just for the hotel. I actually love it. It’s very clean and even smells good inside. 

Every time we got back in the hotel, the rooms were cleaned already. I like their services a lot. You can even trust them coz nothing got lost during our stay.

But I’d rather not stay here because I like it better in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).  is like the grand central station for Hong Kong Shopaholics. Panda hotel is the very last stop of MTR, it’s like an hour away from TST. On our first day, we even took the cab and its very expensive till we learned to ride the MTR. But I’m not discouraging you from availing the hotel’s services; it’s a good hotel, go for it.



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